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For whatever reason, I've recently decided to upload scans of band gig posters from my early days in Sydney, when I used to regularly go out and see at least two or three bands a week. I'm talking 1979 - 1990 ish here. At that time, Sydney had a healthy, thriving pub band culture which f
ostered the careers of many of the top Aussie export bands of the last couple of decades. The Angels, The Radiators, Midnight Oil, INXS, (Le) Hoodoo Gurus, The Church, etc etc etc. Anyway, being a lifelong collector of strange and irrelevant things, I find myself with scraps of paper, flyers, set lists, coasters and more from many of the gigs I attended, so at least I have something to remember them by. Most of that era is a total blur in my memory, but I just know that I had a really good time, and my tinnitus and foggy brain was worth it all.

Now, I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert or authority on any of these bands, or the era in general, I'm just sharing what I remember, and a few bits and pieces that may bring back memories for some. Feel free to add your own recollections, tell me if I'm wrong, share stories of gigs you went to.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Manzill Room

Lets go! To the Manzill Room!
This wasn't really a venue I went to a lot - hardly ever actually. I wa
s a north shore boy, and at the time there were enough venues on the north side to keep us busy most of the time. That's not to say we didn't get over to town at all, but it was much easier to drive mum's car home with a belly full of beer from the Manly Vale or Mosman Hotel than the Cross. Still, there were nights at the Manzill for sure. Others will have much fonder memories of this place.
Some good bands on this bill: Matt Finish for one. Ayers Ro
ck were brilliant - free jazz/rock fusion jamming. "Big Red Rock" is the album.


SYDNEYmarianne said...

i just came across this blog for the reason of
checking out if the manzill room is still a venue as i used to go to it too back in the same years you are talking here about .
i live in l.a now and used to go to all those shows.
fond memories.
still go to shows now .

SYDNEYmarianne said...

also was saying ( but it didnt accept)
will be in sydney in a few weeks to check out the old haunts.

Anonymous said...

The Manzil's long gone. I think there might be a supermarket there now?

I remember the low ceiling & junkies nodding off.

SYDNEYmarianne said...

i just rediscoved this blog and that i blogged here before, ahahaa.

i am back !

anyone here now on
myspace ??

i am,

a trainspotter AKA nevah


SYDNEYmarianne said...

he was drunkedly eating a hotdog and all the
tomato sauce was running down his arm and onto his jeans and shoes .

Unknown said...
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Kim said...

What about the spelling of "Manzil" on the poster .... spelt Mazill ! I loved this place, went there often in the early days when it was full of great musicians. Long before the days of the junkies.

GruntRat said...

The Manzil was where all the bands went to see bands after their gig had finished.

This was especially so for interstate bands when they were in Sydney. It was where we all went.. our shows were over and we were all wound up and needed to vent that energy.... the Manzil was perfect for that.

Many, many nights I left that place so blitzed... and still managed to make it across the avenue and though the arcade and down the stairs to the Paradise Jazz Cellar.

good memories...

veryfashion said...

oh yes the manzill room, saw someone vomit into a backgammon set and just shut the lid and then leave, nice

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha in the days before digital publishing I love the Typo the "Mazill Room" rather than the "Manzill Room".. Jeeze they were loose back in those days.