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For whatever reason, I've recently decided to upload scans of band gig posters from my early days in Sydney, when I used to regularly go out and see at least two or three bands a week. I'm talking 1979 - 1990 ish here. At that time, Sydney had a healthy, thriving pub band culture which f
ostered the careers of many of the top Aussie export bands of the last couple of decades. The Angels, The Radiators, Midnight Oil, INXS, (Le) Hoodoo Gurus, The Church, etc etc etc. Anyway, being a lifelong collector of strange and irrelevant things, I find myself with scraps of paper, flyers, set lists, coasters and more from many of the gigs I attended, so at least I have something to remember them by. Most of that era is a total blur in my memory, but I just know that I had a really good time, and my tinnitus and foggy brain was worth it all.

Now, I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert or authority on any of these bands, or the era in general, I'm just sharing what I remember, and a few bits and pieces that may bring back memories for some. Feel free to add your own recollections, tell me if I'm wrong, share stories of gigs you went to.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Church

One of my all time fave Aussie bands. Lyrical, melodic, rich. The Blurred Crusade is a great album, and I probably really enjoyed this concert. I would have, for sure. Damn, I wish I could remember all this stuff...


Unknown said...

Wish I had a video memory.

Thanks for uploading these gig posters, I love them, I only every collected a few handbills.

cheers Kelly

Mark said...

Yeah. It's like I have a collective memory of many, many nights all rolled into one. I remember the era, not too many specific occasions...

Sad, huh?

Lauren said...

Hi there - I love this site! I am a collector of memorabilia too, so it is always comforting to know there are others out there who appreciate the impulse. I was in Sydney in the early 80s, and I went to a few of these gigs. I remember seeing Slaughterhouse 5, and I think it was at the Civic. I also have some vague memory of Kraftwerk at the Capitol. I think Sydney was really interesting back then. Thanks again for bringing back some memories of bands I had forgotten about. Spy vs Spy! my god, that's one I had forgotten about.

Anonymous said...

They have to be the best Aussie band. Got their first album and started to follow them. Remember when they played the rock'n'roll fair at St Ives showground along with Split Enz, the Johnnys and Hodu's...
Still see them - brilliant line up, kilby, powles, willson-piper and koppes. Still have the magic!
Thanks again for the memories :)

Anonymous said...

Paul here..

yeah this is a great site..pity thee posts are few and far between!

The Church were great - I loved the 1st Single "unguarded Moment" but the "Blurred Crusade" album really did it for me - the atmospheric guitar sound in that album still sends me (great headphone album btw)

Caught the Church at the Tivoli as well as The Pub by the Parra Railway station ( had a fancy name too that pub

If you like you can email me at dragonpaul64@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Paradise i think is the one at Parra railway
Tho long gone now. Had some interwasting nights there. The Church has always been one of my.faves. under a milky way.esp. totally.miss the 80s